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Monday, April 12, 2010

How to install WINDOWS from USB using its iso file?

First you should create live USB in your USB disc
Requirements to create bootable Windows USB:
(1) Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP iso file.
(2) Pen drive with 4 GB space for Windows vista, Windows 7 and 2 gb for Windows XP.
How to create?
1. Insert your USB drive to your computer and backup all the files from the USB .
2. Now download Win To Flash tool (free) from here.
3. Run the WinToFlash, and browse to your Windows 7, Vista, or XP iso files in PE files source path and locate your USB drive in USB Drive.

4. Click Create button to begin the bootable USB process. Wait for few minutes to see the bootable USB.
Now you can boot.
Restart your computer. Press del automatically after the power is given. Go to bios setup. Select first bootable device as USB-Jip and Press Esc and select save and exit and select Y and enter and your computer will again power on and it will be booted.


Anonymous said...

Can i ask something?
All of my applications in my computer opens in yahoo messenger when i click it even the paint or the ms word itself.And all of their icon is yahoo messenger too. May i know what happened and how can i fix it? Thank you friend. I hope that you will respond with my question. God Bless


restore the system ,to do that go to all program>accesories>system tool> system restore

there click restore to earlier point and click next , choose a date in which your system is ok.

Prasetyo said...

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Anonymous said...

how to re format a notebook without cd rom i want to learn it so i dont have to take my notebook to the computershop.hope you can teach me how thanks and God bless.


you can put a copy of an operating system on a USB stick. You could then boot from the usb stick. To do this see

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