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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What is Office 2013 App?

             Technology is updating very fast in day to day life. The technology that we use today may be outdated withing few span of time . Traditionally , "Apps" refer to the  applications that are designed for smart phones .But with the pace of time , the meaning of "Apps" is also widening. In the process, many people might be amazed to know about "Microsoft Office 2013 App" or simply "Office App". Then what is "Office App"? Read it below:

         Imagine a situation , you want a calculator to calculate the data you entered in your Excel without going to other application or you are bored and want to play hangman from office itself.Then what might be the solution?The solution is "Apps for office 2013". So ,you can use "Apps for office" to extend your office 2013 applications.

       An "Office App" is  a webpage that is hosted inside an office client application.So It is the application made by developers around the world by using the power of the web and standard web technologies like HTML5 ,XML,CSS3 ,JAVASCRIPT and REST APIs.The basic components of "Office App" are a Webpage and a XML manifest file.The manifest file defines various settings and point to the Webpage file .So developer can use their existing knowledge to these web technologies to build Office Apps. Those apps are very compatible that can run in multiple environments like Office Web Apps,Office Desktop Clients,Mobile Browsers and even in Cloud.

          To download the  Apps for Office 2013,  Simply ,Open Office 2013 (eg.word ,excel etc.),You can see the options for  "Office Apps"in the "INSERT" tab as shown in below


       Here is the screenshot of a simple office app developed by me

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Editing a PDF file in office 2013

Office 2013 is the latest Microsoft Office version ,compatible with both traditional PCs and touchscreen PCs or tablets.One of the good feature it has is it can be used to edit PDF files easily.Just follow the following simple steps:

i.)Right click a PDF file and open with "Microsoft Word".

ii.)Edit the file in Microsoft Word as your requirements.

iii.)Now save it again as PDF file . If it's read only file then you can change it's name(for eg:if your original file name is "hello.pdf" , you can change to "hello1.pdf").

Now done :)


Friday, June 14, 2013

How to download huge collection of files as .zip file from google drive site?

Imagine, you have a huge collection of pictures shared by someone in google drive site, how will you download it? Manually?No that may not be a correct solution , you can download all files at once as. zip .Just follow the following instructions :
i.)Click the link of the google drive shared by someone and sign in with your google (gmail) account
ii.) Click "Open in Drive" located at right top corner as shown in figure:

iii.) Check the tickmark  beside "Title" at left top(you can deselect file which you don't want to include on the .zip file) as shown below

iv.)Click "More"just above the title and from dropdown list , click "Download"

v.)Finally from new the window that appear, click download , your file will be zipped and you can download the zip file.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

8085 microprocessor simulator same as that of your lab

Are you tired of searching 8085 microprocessor simulator same as that of your microprocessor lab? Don't worry , here is the one which is  exact same microprocessor simulator as that you find in your lab , enjoy it :)

Thanks to Kapil Dahal for finding the awesome software :)

Click  Here to download it

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SLC result out, 41.57% pass

SLC Result 2069/2070 has been published today by MOE. Congratulation to all those who pass the exam.
Pass Percentage:41.57%
Total Appeared : 547,165
Total Passed :176253
Distinction : 16924
First Division : 76282
Second Division : 75678
Third Division : 7369

You can see your result here

Read the Article of to get detail

BHAKTAPUR, JUN 11 - The Office of the Controller (OCE) of Examinations, Sanothimi, has published the results of School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exams for the academic year 2069 on Tuesday.
According to OCE, 41.57 percentage of the total 547,165 students have passed the examination, more commonly known as the 'Iron Gate' among the students.
A total of 547,165 students had appeared at the 79th edition of the SLC exams held on March 13-24 earlier this year. Of them, 430,097 are regular and 117,068 are exempted students.
The pass rate has plummeted by 6 percent compared to the last year. This year's SLC result is the second worst of this decade.
The decline in the pass rate could seriously impact the education sector, claim the education policy analysts.
Organising a press conference after the announcement of the results, Examinations Controller Khagraj Baral said among the total passed, there were 96,454 boys and 71,481 girls.
Of those who passed, 16,924 have secured distinction while 76,165 secured first division, 69,830 the second and 5,016 passed in the third division.
OCE said that the result of 818 students was withheld while 6,067 students failed to appear the SLC exam while those of 230 were cancelled.
For those who failed up to two subjects, the supplementary exam will be held from August 4 to 11.
The OCE had set up 1,786 exam centres across the country with an equal number of superintendents and 2,655 assistant superintendents. Similarly, 21,890 invigilators, 7,297 peons and 19,860 security personnel were mobilised for the exams. The answer sheets were marked at 60 centres under tight vigilance.
A board meeting of the OCE that took place this morning had decided to publish the results today.
OCE has already stated that it will not publish the results in newspapers citing budget constraints. However, the newspapers can publish them if they make it free of cost.
The results can also be viewed on
Likewise, the results can also be viewed at OCE's site, Education Ministry's site, Education Department's and Nepal Telecom's Results can also be known through telephone by dialing 1600 and following the instructions.