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Friday, July 13, 2012

MSP-2013 from IOE ,Pulchowk

          Recently, new MSPs were selected in 13th the friday. The lucky one from our college are Miss. Alisha Thapaliya , Miss. Puza Shrestha , and Mr. Chandan Gupta(Dai). It's natural that i am a bit disappointed as i am not selected for it . But i am not so sad , since i have already assumed the results early and i have already made my mind to be strong. I had already known that there is very less chance for me to be this year MSP , since they deserve more than me.

          As Allen sir said , it's like sports where win and loose is compulsory . And i am happy in the sense that both girls from my class were selected . and also my MSP orientation partners Miss Sagina and Miss Ranjana are MSPs now.

         As Allen sir said there were few non-MSPs who are very  active and have equal contribution , I know i cannot be compared with them , but i will try my best to work with MSPs 2013 , so that i can also contribute a little .It will be my pleasure if i am able to do so.

        Atlast , congratulation to all the current MSPs. And to those who are not selected(like me) , i suggest not to be disappointed but work hard to prove you deserve to be MSP of next year.
                                                      Good day!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

3rd orientation for MSP applicants

      Recently Microsoft Innovation Centre, Nepal finished the 3 orientations for the applicants of MSP 2013.I was one of the participants in 3rd orientation of MSP applicants.I am going to share here my experience of that BIG  day.

      I wake up a little early that day , i don't know why but may be due to excitation. After my daily usual activities i reach MIC , Nepal at 11:15 am , there were very few people at  that time.We were given microsoft bag, pen ,diary and T-Shirt.  We were informed that the program will start at 11:30 , But the actual program starts at 12:00 am . We were hearltly welcomed my Junu Mam that time.

        I was very much excited when Sir Allen Bilochan Tuladhar interacted with us. He was my idle from the day i know about Microsoft Nepal and it's very great to interact with our idle live to live  as we all know , he has great contribution in developing the IT field in Nepal . I came to know that he was very friendly and funny person too.

       Now, after some introductions,we were told to express ourself that how we want people to know us in future when we are dead in the form of condolense. It may sounds a little wierd but was great fun to do so. Allen sir told us to make pair with a person whom we don't know to discuss about condolence . I was little confused and nervous how to choose my partner. But Allen sir make that easy. He chooses Miss Ranjana Dangol for me . She was really co-operative partner for me . We discuss our idea throughout the lunch .After lunch i was a bit nervous thinking how to present  my condolence message.

       Again , allen sir instruct us to find a new partner , this time i myself find miss Sagina as my partner who is equally friendly and helpful. Then it comes my condolence presentation time . I was a bit nervous but things went ok i guess. After that there comes a video recording part of  the question "What big difference  do you want to make? " .It also went ok i guess.

          In this way , the fantastic orientation ends. The live concert from  Purge Catharsis was awesome . Interview from Aashish dai , Midusa di and other ex-MSPs were inspiring.

          Thanks to Allen sir , Junu mam and other for the wonderful day.I really enjoy the day making new friends and learning something .


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Microsoft's surface

Microsoft is still no. 1 software company in the world . With it's huge success in software world , it is nowadays also starting it's step into hardware fields. The latest example of it is MICROSOFT SURFACE , which is coming soon.
                According to microsoft "Surface is a tablet with a unique expression of entertainment and creativity. A tablet that works and plays the way you want. A new type of computing. "

             It is said that it is a tablet with attachable keyboard and windows 8 operating system which can be even used as a laptop     It seems that it is comparatively going to be cheaper that "Ipad or Samsung Pads". But again question is "can it compete with those pads?" or "it will just be like another Amazon Kindle?"

             It is to be noted that the cheaper Amazon Kindle Pad gain huge popularity while releasing but sooner it can't struggle the world of tablets.

              Here are some pictures of microsoft's surface: