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Ten different free techniques to promote your    website/blog
                           Here i have listed ten effective ways to promote your site free.These are not traffic exchange or instant traffic scheme.But they are very effective in the long run.So you should keep patient while using these techniques.

(1.) Listing your site to different directories
                           It is a effective way to promote your site.You can list your sites to different back directories to promote your site.They may ask you reciprocal back link or they may denied your site.But be patient and try to improve your site to their standard level.

(2.)Search engine submission
                          Submission of your site to different search engines is the effective way to promote your site.You can submit them to free as well as a premium member.Submit at least twice a month or as indicated there.

(3.)Participate  in forums
                          Forum posting are the effective way to promote your site. But do not spam the forum.Write about your site features and correct information.

(4 .)Write a press release
                      Writing a press release is a good way to advertise your new site or latest information about your site. Submit it to press release sites . You can easily find it by doing a simple search for "press release".
(5.) Create more and more backlinks
                        Be friendly to other sites.Have good relations between your competitors.Your can share reciprocal back links to promote their as well as your sites.
(6.) Write articles
                      Write good articles about your site and submit it to the different publishers so that your site can be more promoted.Don't forget to include your links of site in the article.You can find different directories to write articles in search engines.
(7.) Blog posting
                   Search the popular blogs related to your site in top search engines like google. Post as comment in their blog about your site.But do not spam your site. Try to write fact and feature about your site. Don't forget to include your site link there.
(8.) Email Signatures.
                   Insert your website, its URL and features in your daily emails and let them spread the word about your site. Do not forget to add your website and its URL to the bottom of your auto-responder emails so your subscribers can click through for more information about your niche.
(9.)Quality posting
                   This is the most important point to promote your site.Update your site daily, write quality posting so that people will like to visit your site again and again.
(10.)Make your site attractive
                  Last but not least, try to make your site attractive.Try different  templates,design,posture to make your site attractive.

                  Please, don't forget to check below article to find different links of seo techniques.

Free submission/ping of website/blog to different search engines,directories etc. and different useful free seo tips and tricks

              Hey friends, are you worried about your page ranking or traffic deficiency.Don't worry i will help you.Given are the importants links for the free submission of your site to top search engines, directories,back links etc. and also for different free seo tips and tricks.Submit your site to top search engines frequently at least twice a month or as indicated there(please don't forget to bookmark this page for the future use).


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                       Blog is a medium through which you can express your ideas, informations, creations to the whole world. You can make your free blog through or You can express your idea free without any editation and hesitation. You should have your email address to make a blog. To make a blog through you should have a email address(preferably gmail account).Following are the way to make gmail account :

1. Click here.
2.Click create an account.
3.Then fill the form.Then, click i accept,create my account.
4.Now you have a gmail account.

Now you can make your blog using Follow the following steps:

1.Click here.
2. Click Get started
3.Fill the form with necessary information.Click Continue.
4.Give suitable blog title and url.Then click Continue.
5.Choose a suitable template.Then click Continue.
6.Now you can start blogging.You can post articles,make pages,add gadgets etc. with the blog.