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Friday, July 13, 2012

MSP-2013 from IOE ,Pulchowk

          Recently, new MSPs were selected in 13th the friday. The lucky one from our college are Miss. Alisha Thapaliya , Miss. Puza Shrestha , and Mr. Chandan Gupta(Dai). It's natural that i am a bit disappointed as i am not selected for it . But i am not so sad , since i have already assumed the results early and i have already made my mind to be strong. I had already known that there is very less chance for me to be this year MSP , since they deserve more than me.

          As Allen sir said , it's like sports where win and loose is compulsory . And i am happy in the sense that both girls from my class were selected . and also my MSP orientation partners Miss Sagina and Miss Ranjana are MSPs now.

         As Allen sir said there were few non-MSPs who are very  active and have equal contribution , I know i cannot be compared with them , but i will try my best to work with MSPs 2013 , so that i can also contribute a little .It will be my pleasure if i am able to do so.

        Atlast , congratulation to all the current MSPs. And to those who are not selected(like me) , i suggest not to be disappointed but work hard to prove you deserve to be MSP of next year.
                                                      Good day!!!

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