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Friday, May 24, 2013

Big Impact on me by small act of MIC Nepal

  It's been nearly one and half year since  i have been associated with MIC Nepal in one or other way. I came to know about MIC Nepal through our previous MSP Aashish Acharya, when we were in 1st semester .I  attended "MTA Training in Networking Fundamental" as a first event in MIC Nepal.It has not been much fruitful to me as i realized then my field of interest is being developer rather than in networking. Thanks to MIC Nepal ,i realized my field of interest early in 1st semester. After that i keep on involving in many activities related to MIC Nepal like Install Fest , Tech Explosion , DBA  programs etc.  which boost my knowledge as well confidence.
       Now comes the dramatic change part in my life. I attended windows 8 app development camp organized by joint effort of MIC Nepal , our previous MSP Aashish Acharya and current MSPs Chandan Gupta , Puja Shrestha and Alisha Thapaliya.Till then ,i know nothing about visual studio or C# .But amazingly i learned and  I developed a nice app within 5 days training ,which would have been impossible without their supports.It was my first app but get nice response from others. It develop confidence on me like "I CAN ALSO DO SOMETHING" and MIC Nepal provides the platform for me.
       Again  i attended recently conducted "OFFICE APP DEVELOPMENT CAMP" at MIC Nepal . As before, i have almost zero knowledge on HTML5 , Javascript, Jquery and CSS3. But again i learned and develop an app.This time my app stood second in the camp  and got a cool "waterbag" from Allen sir.It was  one of the happiest moment of my life. Since then, i am working on developing another cool app . Thanks to MIC Nepal , now i have confidence that i can develop cool apps not only in MICROSOFT platform but others too.
        MIC Nepal consist of bunch of experienced and cool teams .Allen sir , Junu mam ,Purnima mam , Sonika Mam ,Nairisha di,Prashish dai etc. are the bunch of friendly people over  there.They are always helpful and cooperative . I feel like "my own office"  when i visit MIC Nepal :D due to their friendly behaviour. It means a lot to me. Thanks MIC Nepal for having "BIG IMPACT ON ME DUE TO YOUR SMALL ACT".

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