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Monday, June 9, 2014

How to upload Logos/Splash Screen and certify your Windows 8.1 App?

Your app need to have standard size Logos, Splash Screen and should pass Windows App Cert kit test to  be eligible to be uploaded in Windows Store. 

 To put Logos and Splash Screen into your app follow the following procedures:

i.) In the solution explorer of your Windows 8.1 app, go to Package.appmanifest

ii.) In Package.appmanifest section, go to Visual Assets, then you will see:

iii.) Upload logos of each size (of Scale 100) and also Splash Screen (of scale 100).

  To certify your app through Windows App Cert kit test follow the following procedures:

i.)                  Run your app from Visual Studio.

ii.)                 In start screen, type Windows App Cert Kit and go to it.

iii.)               Click Next. Following screen will be displayed:

      iv.)                  Click Validate Windows Store App and select your app.

v.)                   Select all the Test.

vi.)                Now test will start running, the app may launch and close during the process . But please, don’t  interact with your app.

vii.)            At the prompt after the test, enter the path to the folder where you want to save the test report.The Windows App Certification Kit creates an HTML along with an XML report and saves it in this folder.

viii.)           If you pass the test, following windows will be displayed


x.)                 If not correct as indicated

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