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Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Paid to Use social site

    How many hours do you waste your time in facebook daily? The answer may be different for different people. It may be 1 hour , 2 hour or may be more. Do you know  your time is money for facebook owners? That means they earn money because you spend time in facebook. Now what if you earn money for spending your time ? Yes you can , not in facebook , but in a great site called Matesgate.
          Yes i agree , there are many sites who pay you to be socialise . But Matesgate is unique than all of them . Most of the site has minimum payout  which may take you years to reach  (specially for Non-US person). But Matesgate is different , you get paid monthly based on your credits even at 1 cent (which is paypal minimum). You may choose Alertpay as your payment processor too. Then how can you get credit? Guess first. ….No , you are wrong in guessing  , you don’t have to do online surveys or difficult tasks to get credits (like in many other sites) , you just have to use it like you use facebook. Login , commenting ,wall posting , chatting, playing games , watching TV  etc. etc. in many ways you earn credits there. Not only that , there is Login Lotto and many lucky newbies are now directly full member (a member who have more ways to earn) due to the lotto.
         Not only that , admin share the revenue earn to all the full members in every three month . Now lets talk promoting your business in Matesgate. Matesgate is now a huge network with thousands of people from all around the world.You can promote your business in link tab there to expose your business to whole member at once. Beside, you can put your refferal links or any other task  in”  get credit for” section , you  can use matesgate credits for people to do that task.
          Now let us go to another good section called income generator section in Matesgate.Here you can  join  certain sites under matesgate refferal and can get credits to earn in other sites too. For eg: If you join Triond under matesgate , you get 1000 credits per article there  so that you can earn from Triond as well as matesgate. Isn’t it great?Also your Triond link is promoted  in their chat periodically so that you can boost your earning.
         Now lets talk about  admin and mods there. They are the most friendly and helpful person in the world . You can experience  your homely environment for sure. I consider admin as my big brother there and call him bro , he is so friendly.
             So what are you waiting for ? It’s all free and don’t cost you a penny .So join it in the link below. You can write “Yashasvi ” in who refer you tab if you think i deserve so. Thanks
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