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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Windows 8

Microsoft officially launch it's new O.S. windows 8 in october 26 , the windows 8 is the revolutionary product by microsoft which is compatible to both Touch screen and keyboard/mouse   pc/tablet/mobile. Study shows that it is faster than it's previous versions of O.S.It has some basic features which is listed below:
1) The hidden treasure of windows 8 is it's four magic corners. At top left corner if you tap or point mouse you can see app that is recently running ,at buttom left you can see start menu and right corners there are different windows options.
2)You can dowload thousands of apps from apps store
3)There are many apps through which you can easily acess to your hotmail/live id , facebook etc. , manage your photos/videos.
4)There is availability of Internet Explorer 10, faster and even  compatible to touch screen.
5)You can download skype specilly designed for windows 8

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