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Friday, June 14, 2013

How to download huge collection of files as .zip file from google drive site?

Imagine, you have a huge collection of pictures shared by someone in google drive site, how will you download it? Manually?No that may not be a correct solution , you can download all files at once as. zip .Just follow the following instructions :
i.)Click the link of the google drive shared by someone and sign in with your google (gmail) account
ii.) Click "Open in Drive" located at right top corner as shown in figure:

iii.) Check the tickmark  beside "Title" at left top(you can deselect file which you don't want to include on the .zip file) as shown below

iv.)Click "More"just above the title and from dropdown list , click "Download"

v.)Finally from new the window that appear, click download , your file will be zipped and you can download the zip file.

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