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Saturday, June 22, 2013

What is Office 2013 App?

             Technology is updating very fast in day to day life. The technology that we use today may be outdated withing few span of time . Traditionally , "Apps" refer to the  applications that are designed for smart phones .But with the pace of time , the meaning of "Apps" is also widening. In the process, many people might be amazed to know about "Microsoft Office 2013 App" or simply "Office App". Then what is "Office App"? Read it below:

         Imagine a situation , you want a calculator to calculate the data you entered in your Excel without going to other application or you are bored and want to play hangman from office itself.Then what might be the solution?The solution is "Apps for office 2013". So ,you can use "Apps for office" to extend your office 2013 applications.

       An "Office App" is  a webpage that is hosted inside an office client application.So It is the application made by developers around the world by using the power of the web and standard web technologies like HTML5 ,XML,CSS3 ,JAVASCRIPT and REST APIs.The basic components of "Office App" are a Webpage and a XML manifest file.The manifest file defines various settings and point to the Webpage file .So developer can use their existing knowledge to these web technologies to build Office Apps. Those apps are very compatible that can run in multiple environments like Office Web Apps,Office Desktop Clients,Mobile Browsers and even in Cloud.

          To download the  Apps for Office 2013,  Simply ,Open Office 2013 (eg.word ,excel etc.),You can see the options for  "Office Apps"in the "INSERT" tab as shown in below


       Here is the screenshot of a simple office app developed by me


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