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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About Internet Explorer 11

       Internet Explore 11 is the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer versions which is featured in Window 8.1 (also known as Windows Blue) .Although the jump from Internet Explorer 10 to Internet Explorer 11 is the fastest ever ,IE 11 comes with fairly amount of new features. The new browser claims to be the fastest browser ever with better touch performance and faster page loads. The new browser confirmed the support up to 100 open tabs at a time without killing browser or battery performance.So we can say IE 11 can produce fast,fluid and best web experience for windows device users.Some of the features it possesses are:

i.) IE11 provides great flexibility to users ,with fast and fluid browsing and excellent touch,keyboard or mouse experiences

ii.)It supports up to 100 open tabs at a time without killing browser or battery performance.

iii.)It can deliver side by side browsing so we can use our favorite sites and Windows Store Apps together.

iv.)It provides the feature of accessing our tabs,favorites,history,usernames/passwords and more from one device to another,syncing in cloud through SkyDrive.

v.)It gives best touch experiences with gestures such as panning ,zooming and swiping by using GPU(Graphics Procession Unit).

vi.) GPU-offloaded image decoding boost battery life and CPU processing dynamic page content.

vii.)We can get frequently used sites quickly and up to date in all our Windows Devices.

viii.) It provides more responsive browsing by prioritizing work and by prefetching content in the     background.Also ,the typing is faster with site suggestions,Bing search suggestions, Windows Store Apps suggestion and also get instant answer for weather and stock prizes from the address bar.

ix.)WebGL support finally arrive in IE11, now security issues that were troubling Microsoft have been sorted out.

You can download and install Windows 8.1 Preview from here to use IE11.

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