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Friday, October 18, 2013

Microsoft Virtual Academy

         Due to advancement in technology , the definition of learning process is also changing. Now, you don't have to merely depend on classical learning process of attending university, sitting the class and listening to the lecturer. The concept of learning process is broadening with availability of internet. You can simply 'Bing' to search the topic you want to learn. But,WAIT...with too many contents over the internet, you may be in dilemma to choose which one is the best.There may be some false information over the internet misguiding you. So, you should be really careful while choosing a proper site. Meanwhile,if you are or trying to be a Developer or an IT pro , then microsoft brings you a great  opportunity to learn online.Microsoft brings you the platform called "Microsoft Virtual Academy".

           Technology is the most dynamic thing in the current scenario. You can't merely depend upon your college/university academy courses to pursue your career as a developer or an IT pro. You have to go beyond it to increase your employability. Microsoft Virtual Academy boost student's employability through various courses and skills not usually taught in your academia. 

             Microsoft is a best platform for students to learn and share knowledge. It provides variety of technologies to boost your career. With "Microsoft Virtual Academy", you can learn variety of courses ranging from C#,XAML, HTML5 to Cloud Services , Sharepoint  Server etc.You can also learn to use visual studio and using it to build Apps for Windows 8.1 , Windows Phone etc.You will get chance  to learn with one of the best instructure in the world.There are thousands of topic you can choose about the technology of your interest.On the completion of a course , you will be provided with a certificate of the respective course. On the basis of your learning , you will get points and ranking.You can win several prizes, based on regional and global ranking, provided by MIC, Nepal (in context of Nepal).

                  So , what are you waiting for? Sign up Here and head toward a next step of your IT career.

                  I will post about some very good courses provided by MVA in my upcoming blog series. Keep subscribing!!

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