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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Top Ten list of new features in Windows 8.1

            Windows 8.1, formerly known as Windows Blue, is recently released on 17th October.It is considered to be a comprehensive update to Windows 8.It is available for free to the existing Windows 8 users via Windows Store and is available from 18th October in market for buying.It is updated keeping in mind about the needs of PC users along with modern tablets.Here are some of the remarkable features on my top 10 list you can see in Windows 8.1.

i.)Start Button is Back
             The start button is what most of the Windows users has been missing in Windows 8. It is now back with windows 8.1,although it still redirects to Start Screen rather than the Start Menu.

ii.)Lock Screen SlideShow
             Lock Screen is the screen that appear on your PC when you boot your computer or when the computer is sleeping prior to entering password.

           People started using Lock Screen to put their favourite photos ,so that they can be seen at the very     first glimpse.Now in windows 8.1, you can make slideshow of pictures to make a photo frame that can be uploaded either locally from hard drive or from Skydrive.

          Moreover you can unlock the Camera , answer a skype call and get email notifications without needing to enter a password.

iii.)More Snap Views
          Now you can choose snap views, of two apps running ,at any ratio you  want. For eg: You may prefer 50:50 ratio of snap views of apps as shown in figure below.Also you can have multiple windows of same app snapped together.

iv.) Boot to Desktop
           With Windows 8.1 , you can boot directly to desktop,if you like with no metro in sight. This retains the property of traditional Windows O.S. that may you'd love to.

v.)Attractive Start Screen
          Windows 8.1 has added more colors to the start screen.It has also added attractive backgrounds for start screen.One can set a desktop background as a start screen background.

vi.)Reformation of Tiles
            Windows 8.1 features variety of tile sizes i.e.small ,medium,wide and large.Grouping the tiles with specific names is also made easier.You can now select multiple tiles all at once and do operations such as Resize , Uninstall,Unpin,Rearrange in groups  etc.We can view all apps in Apps Views by swiping from buttom and filter the apps by name,date installed,most used or by category.When you install a new app from Windows Store ,it will no longer appear in Start Screen instead you will find the apps under Apps Views as mentioned above and the app is marked as 'new' so that you can choose it to pin in the start screen.


vii.)Improved Windows Store
                    Windows store is much improved now compare to that of Windows 8.It is now easier to find new and interesting apps.Now, there is the feature of automatic installation of App updates in background coming from the store.Also,  there is a search bar at top left side of the store to search the desired apps. Here is the screen shot of the store:

viii.)Easy Search
                   Now you can bing search from start screen without going to the actual app. You can also choose to search from Everywhere, Setting ,Files ,Web Images or Web Videos.

  ix.)Help+Tips App
                   It is the new App introduced in Windows 8.1 ,divided into six different categories, to help new comers to get started easily .

x.) Internet Explorer 11
                     It is the latest version of internet explorer available for Windows 8.1 users. For the detail features of  IE 11 refer to my previous blog post

About Internet Explorer 11

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